This page is in memory of Gregg Blandin, my observing friend of 30 years, who passed away on April 2023. 

There will be no more Crossbow Platforms to be built.


Crossbow Platforms by Gregg Blandin

Introducing the Crossbow EQT-150SC, a lightweight super-compact platform for telescopes weighing up 150 pounds

Designed to be light weight, small in size and easy to use, the new EQT-150 Super-Compact is a stable mount for Dobsonian telescopes with base diameters of up to 26” and 150 pound weight. It’s a miser with electrical power, providing fifteen or more hours of tracking with just 2 AAA batteries. The drive motor quietly moves the platform through its one hour plus tracking cycle. The EQT-150SC comes with a drive friction release lever for easy resetting. The platform even folds up for traveling, fitting easily into a camping chair bag.


                    Crossbow EQT-150SC in travel bag                                 2 folded pieces take only 7 minutes to assemble

10” Dobsonian telescope on the EQT-150SC

Crossbow EQT-150SC and EQT-225SC

Customer Comments and Photos

My observing buddy, Gregg Blandin, is producing a low-profile all-aluminum equatorial platform. He is offering three models:

  • The Crossbow EQT-150SC for scopes up to 150 pounds
  • The Crossbow EQT-200 for scopes up to 200 pounds
  • The Crossbow EQT-225SC for scopes up to 225 pounds

The EQT-150SC will accommodate scopes with a rocker box diagonal of up to 34” (24” square rocker box) and the EQT-200 and EQT-225SC platform will accommodate scopes with rocker box diameters of up to 43” ( 30” square rocker). Gregg is currently using one platform for his 3 scopes: His homebuilt 25” f/4.5, 16” f/4.5, and 10” F/6. He has different pad positions for each scope and just moves them when needed.

I’ve been using one of his platforms for 2 years now and totally blown away by its performance. I just got the newest version of the EQT-200 with an adjustment lever for making resetting easier.

The tracking accuracy is pretty impressive. My first light with it was in my front driveway. I just aligned the platform by eye (see seventh bullet), put my 22” on it. Then centered M-13 on it with a 6mm ZAO-II (383x with a 6.6’ field of view). Went in the house to do stuff for 20 minutes, went back out. It was still in the field of view!

Some key features:

  • Light weight: EQT-150SC weighs 14 pounds and EQT-200 weighs 18 pounds
  • Black anodized
  • 60 to 65 minutes of tracking
  • Simple, ”bulletproof” design
  • About 5-6”” high including the pads. In actuality, the eyepiece height gain is about 3 to 4” as the ground board would be removed prior to installation onto the platform. The ground board is typically 2” high with feet and pads
  • Able to use a range of telescopes on a single platform. EQT-150SC – typically can handle up to 16” reflector depending on weight. EQT-200 – up to 24” reflectors depending on weight. The pads can be moved in or out from the pivot point as the pads are approximately 120° apart
  • Long run time: EQT-150SC uses 2 AAA and the EQT-200/225SC uses 2 AA batteries.  Typical battery life is 15+ hours.
  • One can take it apart and travel with it in a travel bag similar to a camp chair bag, takes about 15 minutes.
  • Easy alignment with Polaris as the long arm is just an arm, unlike competing platforms, so you can just stand back about 10-15 feet and align the long arm to Polaris to the best of your ability. That should be good enough. You can use a compass, I do that during the day, and still need to fine tune it at night. I just grab the platform with the scope on it at the end of the long arm (second photo) and drag it left or right until I’m happy
  • A Reset Lever removes the drive friction for easy resetting of the platform and also makes polar alignment faster and easier.
  • Leveling feet are included and provide the ability to level the platform and make adjustments of plus and minus 1° of latitude correction without adding shims.
  • A Bubble Level on the platform makes leveling fast and easy.

It is obvious that his goal is to provide a tool for DSO observers like you at an attractive price, much like what I do with my three books. He does not make much money on these tools, but really enjoy the hobby like you do and wish that you do without breaking your bank account.

Some additional photos of the EQT-200, my personal version.

Showing the reset lever

My 22" f/4.0 sitting on the EQT-200

Near the "beginning" of travel

About 5.5" high.  So with the ground board removed, the "net" increase of eyepiece height at zenith is about 3".

Click on this link to view the reset feature using the reset lever.

Video showing the reset feature (6mb video)

YouTube video