The Hickson Group Observer's Guide is the first in the “At The Eyepiece" series authored by Alvin Huey.  The guides are written for intermediate and advanced observers who like a challenge.  The “meat” of this publication features a two page spread containing everything an observer needs to locate, detect and observe each Group.  The guide includes a naked eye chart with a TelRadTM superimposed upon it, a wide-field finder chart (about 2 x 1.5 degrees), a labeled inverted DSS image, an eyepiece rendition and detailed observer’s notes.  Search Inside this Book

A discussion on observing galaxies, equipment selection, observing sites and recording observations are included.

2nd Edition, 258 pages.

Search Inside this book


See Tom Trusock's book review on the first edition of this guide and the Abell Planetary Observer's Guide at Cloudy Nights:: CN report.


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Note: Customers from Europe or near Europe, please go to the Webb Society (click on link) to order this guide.  It is far cheaper to ship from the UK is from the USA. 

Note:  Please allow 7-14 days for the book to arrive as it will be drop shipped from my publisher.

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