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July 23, 2011 at IHOP
NELM  = 6.5 
Seeing 3 out of 5 
Transparency 3 out of 5 - started off with moderate humidity, but dried off within 30 minutes of astronomical twilight.
Tonight, I've decided to observe several pre-selected obscure planetary nebula and to finish off the last flat galaxy in my Serpens list.  And here is the brief version of my observing report.
Equipment used:
22 f/4 reflector
24mm Televue Panoptic
12.5, 9 and  7mm Baader Genuine Orthoscopics
16mm Zeiss 0.965" orthoscopic
10 and 6mm Zeiss ZAO-II orthoscopics
Lumicon O-III filter
Orion Ultrablock filter
Astronomik CLS filter


UGC 9760  15 12 02.6  +01 41 56  14.7p  2.4x0.2

22 (255, 328 and 383x) Very faint, thin, even surface brightness glow with somewhat defined edges and diffuse ends.  A 13.8 mag star is on the NE tip.  PA = 60 and 0.8 long.  A blazing mag 11.1 and 12.9  double star lies just 2.2 NW hindering the view a bit.

Shane 1  16 21 04.5  -00 16 12 12.8p  14.7*  6

22 (255 and 383x) Bright, very small round disk with well-defined edges at 383x.  O-III filter really brings it out well. 0.1 across.  A mag 12.3 star lies 1.8 west and a faint mag 16.5 and 16.9 double star lies just 0.6 SW.

This object was discussed by Sue French in the June 2010 issue of Sky and Telescope.  Thanks Sue!

PNG 010+07.4 (Kohoutek 1-4)  17 40 26.8  -27 01 03  ?   20.3*  37

22 (184, 255, 328 and 383x) Very faint uniform brightness round glow with diffuse edges.  A 12.2 magnitude star is on the NE edge.  About 0.5 across.  Good response to Ultrablock, mild response to O-III.  Best seen at 255x.

PNG 027.6+16.9  17 41 41  +03 07 02  16.3p  14.9*  94

22 (144, 184 and 255x) field was located, but no nebula.  Both O-III and Ultrablock were used. 

I will try this object again as Eric Honeycutt successfully observed it.  But Kent Wallace didn't see it.

PNG 027.0+01.5  18 35 11.6  -04 29 06  ?  ?  39

22 (184, 255 and  328x) Considerably faint round glow with defined edge with a very bright central star.   Estimated magnitude of the central star is about 11.5.  Not visible without filter.  Ultrablock brings it out pretty well and a similar response with O-III filter.  About 0.5 across.

PNG 026.2-03.4  18 51 31.3  -07 32 29

22 (184, 255 and  328x) Considerably bright round glow with diffuse edges. A 11.5 magnitude star is just off the west edge.  Mild response with Ultrablock and good response with O-III filter.  About 0.6 across.

Sweet Pea  18 41 41.9  +65 11 58

22 (383x) Extremely faint, only visible with the Astronomik CLS filter.  Only pops in and out.  Stellar.  Both the Ultrablock and O-III makes it invisible.  This object was discovered by my good friend, Jimi Lowrey.  He was perusing the Sloan Digital Sky Survey lookign for ring galaxies, then ran across this green "star".  Generally there are no green stars on the Sloan, we decided to look at it with the 48".   It was definately fainter than the nearby stars.  The Astronomik CLS filter helps this object the most.

Here is a short blurb on it.  In a nutshell, this object has some lines consistant to a planetary nebula, but it's location is really bizzare...it is in Draco far above the plane of the Milky Way and is estimated to be about 25,000 light years away...which puts this object well outside of the plan of our galaxy.  It was theorized that this object was flung off our galaxy or from the "galaxy" that passed by the Milky Way many years ago.

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All Observing Reports are copyrighted by Alvin Huey.  You can print them for personal use only.

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