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Date:  July 22, 2017

Location: Shot Rock at 7,600 feet

NELM:  6.8

Transparency: 3/5

Seeing: 4/5


Telescope: 22” f/4.0 reflector sitting on a Crossbow EQT-200 equatorial platform

Eyepiece:  6mm Zeiss ZAO-II with TMB 1.8x ED barlow

All object parameters in parenthesis are listed in RA and Dec without commas.

Andromeda's ParachuteJ014709+463037  Andromeda's Parachute (01 47 09   +46 30 37)

July 22, 2017 - I went up to one of our favorite high-altitude sites at about 7,600 feet elevation with my 22" reflector with an observing buddy. At 690x, it immediately appeared as an elongated star, but when the seeing steadied, it popped into two individual points (A & B only). I was not able to repeat seeing C (saw it only once), so not confirmed.  I most certainly did not see component D.

My observing buddy confirmed that he saw the elongated star in the same orientation as I saw it, but he did not split the “star”.  

The condition is typical for this site and seeing was fair (3/5) and transparency was good (4/5), but deteriorating as the smoke started to cover parts of the sky.  I will re-observe this object several more times as it was only 20 degrees above the NE horizon when we looked at it.

22: f/4 with 6mm Zeiss ZAO-II with TMB 1.8x ED barlow

Pretty cool object, especially thinking what I was looking at.

Discovery Paper:

Paper confirming discovery 

Finder Chart (please print this and take it to the field).  Give it a go and let me know what you see.  

Check out DeepSkyForum.com for challenging objects for all skill levels.


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